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Everybody loves to work under cool and peaceful environment as cool and peaceful environment boost ups the working efficiency and makes more passionate towards work. As now a day’s infrastructures are rising day by day and people are getting away from nature from but it is necessary to get fresh air everyday for that purpose air exhausting system is necessary in every industry.


Why there is a need of quality ventilation products and services in industries? The needed points are as follows:

  • Ventilation products and services are designed to maintain the indoor air quality by providing optimum level of natural and fresh outdoor air and controls humidity.
  • Ventilation product and service maintains the inflow of fresh and natural air and improves the inner surrounding.
  • Ventilation products and services also maintain a proper and fit health of peoples as it terminates of getting dust entered inside.
  • Ventilation products and services control the outside heat temperature and maintain a suitable atmosphere inside by releasing stable and cool air.
  • A temperature controller function is added to heat reclaim ventilator as this will helps in maintaining lesser heat and comfort inside.
  • It controls humidity and temperature as its hybrid DESICA element contains water absorber material.
  • Ventilation products consume lesser energy compared to other conventional humidity control devices.
  • Ventilation products include small water molecules which blocks carbon dioxide and this eliminates the heat and preserves the purified air.
  • Efficient ventilation consumes lesser energy.
  • The heat pump desiccant integrates the heat exchanger and desiccant element is highly enable and efficient for dehumidification and due to the presence of dehumidification so there is no need of sewer system or drain water.

We can say that ventilation service is needed in every industry also we can say that it is the lifeline. We team of Apex air provides high quality ventilator products and services and our experienced and smart technicians will give you the best experience.

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How One can Increase the Life of their Air Conditioners

In a world infested with global warming, ever increasing temperatures are bound to happen. And in such temperatures life gets tough, as the humidity rises, the heat scorches through our skins and burns our souls, as the nurturing Mother Nature and planet earth suddenly start emitting fires from the fiery depths of hell. But thanks to technology, today we live in a world where we can control the temperatures to some extent. Air Conditioners act as the perfect means to counter attack the wrath of summers. In economics there are theories which state that with increase in demand, there will be also be an increase in prices of the commodity in demand, which in this case is an air conditioner. Let us share with you some secrets on how to increase the life of your air conditioner yourself, along a little help form by performing service & repair.

Here are some quick tips on increasing the life of your air conditioner:

  • Let it rest!

Just the fact that the air conditioner is a machine and machines are slaves to men is not a reason to keep it switched on and at a high cooling for extended periods of time. Like every machine, even an air conditioner needs rest and to switch it off at regular intervals after the purpose has been solved is one of the best ways to extend its life.

  •  Regular maintenance

Scheduling regular maintenance is another great way of making sure your air conditioner lasts for a very long time. Regular service & repair checkups must be done as scheduled by your Air Conditioner manufacturer in their user manual. It will help you make sure that your Air Conditioner gets a regular health check-up and you will be assured for the duration of your next maintenance check up.


  • Cleaning the ducts:

This is something that most air conditioner owners do not realize, and most service & repair guys do not care much about. The ducts are constantly filled with dirt they have been purifying throughout the years. Cleaning the ducts will ensure a better quality of cooling and also, a longer performance lifetime for your air conditioner.

  • Using a smart thermostat

Thermostats are the instruments which help your air conditioner determine what room temperature is it, and at what time should they stop cooling. It helps your air conditioner perform according to the needs of the season, or depending on your needs. When you are feeling hot you can set the cut off at a lesser temperature and when the season is bearable the cut off can be set at a slightly higher temperature. It will help reduce the load on your air conditioner to constantly cool at a low temperature.

  • Regular replacement of the filter!

 Last but not the least, the filter of your air conditioner needs to be changed at frequent intervals, mostly a time period of 30 to 60 days, depending on a case to case basis. It is something which is highly recommended by the people who come for the service & repairs too, as well as a prime instruction on the user manual provided by the manufacturer of your air conditioner.

These were the top 5 essential tips everyone must know in order to keep their air conditioner healthy and perform for an extended period of time, and keep giving the same quality of cooling .If you know any tips, do share with us!

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Need of Quality Air Conditioning Services for Industries

Air conditioning is the process of altering the properties of air to more favorable conditions. Generally the humidity and temperature alteration is done to make the air cooler. Air conditioner was a luxury few years back, as hardly the common people could think of affording it. But now with this technology becoming more accessible air conditioners are no longer luxuries. With global warming on the rise, summer getting hotter and longer is barely possible for one to survive without an air conditioner. Let’s just go through the usage of air conditioner:

Commercial buildings: corporate offices, shopping centers, restaurants, etc.

High-rise residential buildings

Industrial spaces: Maintaining temperature to comfort worker

Institutional buildings: Private or government buildings, hospitals, schools, etc.

Residential buildings: family houses, duplexes, and small apartment buildings

Above mentioned uses are the commercial one but there are some biological applications too:

Chemical and biological laboratories


Maintaining cleanrooms for the production of integrated circuits, pharmaceuticals, where high levels of air cleanliness and control of temperature and humidity is needed.

Animal houses breeding laboratory animals is done. Air conditioner maintains the appropriate temperature alike of their breeding season.

Maintaining environment of hospital operating theaters, where air is filtered to high levels of filters to reduce infection risk and the humidity is controlled to limit patient dehydration.

Maintaining nuclear power facilities and Physical testing facilities

All this is good but imagine if the air conditioning service support is not as per the demand then the potential of the machine cannot be explored completely.  If the service for air conditioner maintenance is not up to the mark you would only be burdened with extra expenditure on your air conditioner. A class apart service is difficult to find as the companies now are focusing on sales and not the satisfaction of the consumer. We all must have come across such an incident where the company representative uses polite tone and sugary coated words at the time of sale but when it’s time for air conditioning service you get your nightmares!! The importance of after- service sale is neglected and the consumer has to bear the trouble for this negligence.

A quality air conditioner servicing is a must; the service provider should be focused, must have a high level of time commitment, reliable and must pay fine attention to details. I think you all would agree to me on this.

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How heat pump works and role it plays in making our life comfortable

As we all know the majority of the homes are bothered for heating processes and to make it fluent and non-stop, they spend more than what actually the costs are. Energy saving and cost cutting is within your reach as modern day alternatives are designed to give utmost comfort and still lower the consumption. Heat pumps working plays a significant role in doing so in an environment having even temperatures. The machinery has ability to suffice all your home’s heating and cooling needs as it transits the hot air inside and outside the house. Earlier methods are no more in use now when there were furnaces that burned gas with its old methods, but these new heat pumps working is just fantastic as it easily gives up to four times the energy it consumes.

The processes of such pump stuns people as it is very outspoken. Heat will not transit on its own from a less heated location in a severely hot area, if this would turn true, your home will get heat in cool weather and get cool breezes in hot season very easily and at far less costs. The working of heat pumps is opposite to the general flow of hot air by shifting or pushing heat from cold to hot places. While in summer, a heat pump performs like an AC, pulling heat from indoors to the outdoors and replacing it with air that is transformed into cooler one with the help of compressor or similar machinery. Vice versa is how the working turns up during winter, when the valve switches the entire process and finally releases warm air. This is when the pump emits thermal energy and turns the indoors, warm by pulling cold air to the outer atmosphere.

Heat Pumps Working Plays a Significant Role Advanced technologies unite together to bring you environment-friendly, energy efficient and cost-effective heating and cooling solution. The standard type of heat pump unloads heat from one place and shifts it to a different location. Examples are ACs, Refrigerators, furnaces etc. Also, there are geothermal heat pumps that work on its exclusive processes as it depends on the air that is below the earth’s surface. Whereas, here the outer air has a limited boundary of flexibility, departing far from the comfortable environment of 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Thus, to bring down the temperature for a standard pump, a mammoth quantity of energy is used than that of a geothermal heat pump.

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Importance of Energy Efficient Air Conditioning System for Your House

Is it just ok if the ACs are working and offering you cool air? Do you really know how efficient your HVAC systems are? Do they make any difference? The answer is it makes a huge difference when you have energy efficient air conditioning. Proper ventilation and air conditioning is excessively important to enjoy fresh and healthy atmosphere in your home. Energy efficient systems perform better and saves your electricity bills by better air transferring and maximum relieving of fresh disinfected air. For achieving such best indoor environment, you need to take services from reliable HVAC technicians. With proper monitoring and regular checking, these teams help your systems to stay in best condition.


There is always a minute problem as the air conditioning machines are working continuously in your homes. Such problems include air leaks, gas leaks, accumulation of dirt due to air exchange etc. These issues cause poor air transmission resulting into improper and infected air release. This is obviously not advisable for your family’s fitness. Talented AC technicians give solutions to prevent various issues and so your HVAC systems do not waste energy or its efficiency while give you best quality of environment. All you get is best ventilation, insulation and release of air in the desired temperature you want.

Air Conditioning from Apex Air

Air Conditioning from Apex Air

Learn the importance of energy efficient air conditioning system for your house and below are the solutions to some of the most occurred problems:

  • Ventilation/exhaust: Its widespread myth that ventilation is related to only roofs, vents or turbines. But, beyond such spaces there are more concerns that actually become the reasons for poor ventilation. Lower your adverse levels to almost nil and correct all those unpleasant exhaust problems with right AC servicing as ACs is a likely medium for transmission of indoor and outdoor air. Correcting these issues to get an even balance to get appropriate cooling can be done with professional help.


  • Best quality of Indoor Air: Very few homeowners are aware that they are inhaling harmful filthy contaminants through their AC discharge. Your sealed and closed homes need high-edge technology and well-maintained mechanisms to answer any challenge occurred in daily lives. Enjoy stable performance and fresh neutral air in your indoors with no lifeless air and dirty contaminants.


  • Advisable level of humidity: If your home is dry and cozy it means it is well ventilated. Inefficient machines fail to absorb the excess humidity and can result into less cooling. So, energy efficient ACs will work out dramatically and benefit your home with fresh and comfortable environment always.
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Window ACs verses Split ACs

By:- Ashwin Patel

An AC helps to get through hot and humid days of the year. The capacity of an air conditioner is based on the amount of heat it can extract from a space in an hour and it is generally measured in British Thermal Units per hour. As a general rule, every square foot of area requires 20Btu/hr. The first step in selecting the right size of an AC is to measure the room where it is going to be installed.

There are two kinds of air conditioners available for regular domestic use.

  1. Window ACs: these ACs, as the name suggests are fitted in the window of the room. They are cheaper and easy to install. There is no flexibility available in fixing of these ACs.
  2. Split ACs: These ACs comprise of two parts: in-house unit and outside unit. These are more expensive than the regular window ones but they are less noisy and give better distribution of air. Installing these units require renovation work, which can be expensive. The outdoor unit should be placed in such a way that air flow is not blocked. Moisture from the room, which gets collected as water also, needs to be drained out properly.

Other factors to be considered while picking an AC are adjustable thermostat, variable fan speed, noise levels and the energy star ratings.

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Preventive measures for better performance of ACs

By:- Ashwin Patel

Air conditioners are a blessing during peak summers and in humid weathers. They have become more of a necessity than a luxury in present times. Very often we face a situation that the air conditioners malfunction when required the most. This is because; air conditioners have to over work to cool spaces in hot weathers, which puts load on the parts inside it. If it is not maintained properly, it can lead to a complete breakdown of the equipment too. There are some preventive measures that can be taken to keep it working effectively.


  1. Keep the windows of your home and office, covered with blinds or shades. This helps to keep away the heat, which puts load on the air conditioners.
  2. Keep the outdoor unit of the air conditioner cool by planting trees and shrubs around it. This will increase the efficiency of the unit by approximately 10%.
  3. Clean the filters of the air conditioners every month. Clean filters ensure better performance and also ensure cleaner air to breathe in. This also saves money and energy.
  4. Avoid installing electronic devices near the air conditioning unit as it hampers with the thermostat installed within it.

Besides these preventive measures, air conditioning service is also mandatory to increase the life of the unit. A professional should be hired to service and check the internal parts of the air conditioner. A little effort in this direction will ensure greater comfort in prime summers.

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