Preventive measures for better performance of ACs

By:- Ashwin Patel

Air conditioners are a blessing during peak summers and in humid weathers. They have become more of a necessity than a luxury in present times. Very often we face a situation that the air conditioners malfunction when required the most. This is because; air conditioners have to over work to cool spaces in hot weathers, which puts load on the parts inside it. If it is not maintained properly, it can lead to a complete breakdown of the equipment too. There are some preventive measures that can be taken to keep it working effectively.


  1. Keep the windows of your home and office, covered with blinds or shades. This helps to keep away the heat, which puts load on the air conditioners.
  2. Keep the outdoor unit of the air conditioner cool by planting trees and shrubs around it. This will increase the efficiency of the unit by approximately 10%.
  3. Clean the filters of the air conditioners every month. Clean filters ensure better performance and also ensure cleaner air to breathe in. This also saves money and energy.
  4. Avoid installing electronic devices near the air conditioning unit as it hampers with the thermostat installed within it.

Besides these preventive measures, air conditioning service is also mandatory to increase the life of the unit. A professional should be hired to service and check the internal parts of the air conditioner. A little effort in this direction will ensure greater comfort in prime summers.


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