Window ACs verses Split ACs

By:- Ashwin Patel

An AC helps to get through hot and humid days of the year. The capacity of an air conditioner is based on the amount of heat it can extract from a space in an hour and it is generally measured in British Thermal Units per hour. As a general rule, every square foot of area requires 20Btu/hr. The first step in selecting the right size of an AC is to measure the room where it is going to be installed.

There are two kinds of air conditioners available for regular domestic use.

  1. Window ACs: these ACs, as the name suggests are fitted in the window of the room. They are cheaper and easy to install. There is no flexibility available in fixing of these ACs.
  2. Split ACs: These ACs comprise of two parts: in-house unit and outside unit. These are more expensive than the regular window ones but they are less noisy and give better distribution of air. Installing these units require renovation work, which can be expensive. The outdoor unit should be placed in such a way that air flow is not blocked. Moisture from the room, which gets collected as water also, needs to be drained out properly.

Other factors to be considered while picking an AC are adjustable thermostat, variable fan speed, noise levels and the energy star ratings.


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