How One can Increase the Life of their Air Conditioners

In a world infested with global warming, ever increasing temperatures are bound to happen. And in such temperatures life gets tough, as the humidity rises, the heat scorches through our skins and burns our souls, as the nurturing Mother Nature and planet earth suddenly start emitting fires from the fiery depths of hell. But thanks to technology, today we live in a world where we can control the temperatures to some extent. Air Conditioners act as the perfect means to counter attack the wrath of summers. In economics there are theories which state that with increase in demand, there will be also be an increase in prices of the commodity in demand, which in this case is an air conditioner. Let us share with you some secrets on how to increase the life of your air conditioner yourself, along a little help form by performing service & repair.

Here are some quick tips on increasing the life of your air conditioner:

  • Let it rest!

Just the fact that the air conditioner is a machine and machines are slaves to men is not a reason to keep it switched on and at a high cooling for extended periods of time. Like every machine, even an air conditioner needs rest and to switch it off at regular intervals after the purpose has been solved is one of the best ways to extend its life.

  •  Regular maintenance

Scheduling regular maintenance is another great way of making sure your air conditioner lasts for a very long time. Regular service & repair checkups must be done as scheduled by your Air Conditioner manufacturer in their user manual. It will help you make sure that your Air Conditioner gets a regular health check-up and you will be assured for the duration of your next maintenance check up.


  • Cleaning the ducts:

This is something that most air conditioner owners do not realize, and most service & repair guys do not care much about. The ducts are constantly filled with dirt they have been purifying throughout the years. Cleaning the ducts will ensure a better quality of cooling and also, a longer performance lifetime for your air conditioner.

  • Using a smart thermostat

Thermostats are the instruments which help your air conditioner determine what room temperature is it, and at what time should they stop cooling. It helps your air conditioner perform according to the needs of the season, or depending on your needs. When you are feeling hot you can set the cut off at a lesser temperature and when the season is bearable the cut off can be set at a slightly higher temperature. It will help reduce the load on your air conditioner to constantly cool at a low temperature.

  • Regular replacement of the filter!

 Last but not the least, the filter of your air conditioner needs to be changed at frequent intervals, mostly a time period of 30 to 60 days, depending on a case to case basis. It is something which is highly recommended by the people who come for the service & repairs too, as well as a prime instruction on the user manual provided by the manufacturer of your air conditioner.

These were the top 5 essential tips everyone must know in order to keep their air conditioner healthy and perform for an extended period of time, and keep giving the same quality of cooling .If you know any tips, do share with us!


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