Why AC maintenance is important?

By  Ashwin Patel

Imagine the condition in peak summers when the air conditioning unit conks off.  It is nightmare for most of us. With most of the offices and homes with cooling systems installed, it is difficult to bear the discomfort even for few minutes when it breaks down. Breakdowns occur due to lack in maintenance or due to improper installation.

Maintenance is the prime factor responsible for proper functioning of an air conditioning system.HVAC maintenance involves following steps:

  1. Change filter every 90 days and clean it every few days.
  2. Remove debris such as leaves, pollen or twigs collected inside the unit.
  3. Inspect the insulation
  4. Inspect the cooling pipes and replace if damaged.
  5. Check condenser
  6. Ensure the clearance outside the outdoor unit.

If AC is not maintained for a long time, dirt and debris clog its filters up. It becomes a haven for microorganisms to breed. These microorganisms cause diseases like asthma, bronchitis and may also trigger sinusitis. Without maintenance, AC might consume more electricity. Improper power supply can also cause air conditioning breakdown. If the area has this perennial problem then stabilizers or uninterrupted power supply should be arranged for.

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